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Blog. It’s happening. The intention of this blog is to keep a record of the things of my life. It’ll most likely end up being a “mommy blog” as I have an almost-two-year-old and I anticipate that he will say many a noteworthy (to me) thing when he fiiiinally starts talking, and I want to write them somewhere a little more permanent than the scraps of paper I usually jot things down on.

I also want to document some of the more interesting events of my life thus far, including but not limited to Kidney Donation, Europe Rescue, Life as a Midwife, 30 RAKs for my 30th Birthday, and The Day my Son was Kissed by the Pope. And the still-interesting-but-for-some-reason-in-a-different-section things: Living a Quiet Life (or not), Always By My Side, Thinking Like a Midwife, My Sister My Hero, My Sister the Sister, Life in Uganda, Winter in Japan, Rafting on the Nile, How Not to Holiday in the Pacific, There but for the Grace of God go I, Acting Like an Adult, The Value of Being Valued, Adoomi’s Birth Story, and Oh to have a Magic Wand. Then there are other things I’ll probably do, like write about potty training, breastfeeding, bed sharing, food, biking, Mass, exercise, baking, climbing the Mount, Lent/Advent/Christmas, Pentatonix, and Savemart (yes I know, it’s a weird mix of strange bits); and I might even venture out into the blogosphere to join up with things like What I Wore Sunday, 7 Quick Takes Friday, 5 Favourite Things, and the like. Phew, what a paragraph! If, somehow, you are reading this and any of these titles piques your interest, feel free to drop a comment and let me know. I’m sure that’ll give me the kick I need to actually write it if I haven’t already.

About me: my name is Michelle, I just turned 30, and I live in New Zealand with my partner (who we will call Harry) and our wee son (to be hereby named Adoomi), who is almost two. I am a midwife and work at the biggest birthing unit in the country, but only do that on occasional weekends when I can spare time away from life.

Random fact of the day: I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 3 minutes. Shock, awe and wonder: I know. Well that is until I tell you that the world record is 6 seconds. I’m not so impressed with myself any more either. And no, I won’t be subjecting you to random facts of the day every day, or even every blog post. I’m not that mean. And it took me ages just to think of that one so I’m all out of tricks. Happy reading!