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7 Quick Takes

1. Loved the How I Met Your Mother final. Loved it. Legen– wait for it –dary. It all worked out so well and I guess it helps that I’m always happy with nice endings. Yay for Robin and Ted ending up together, yay for Ted meeting the love of his life in Tracy, yay for Barney meeting the love of his life in his sweet daughter, yay for Marshall and Lilly, yay for the judgeship, yay yay yay. It was the perfect balance of happy, sad, sweet, funny, and conclusiveness. I’m a fan.

2. Let’s stick with TV shows shall we? I watch far too many at the moment. Tonight I’m keen to watch this week’s epi of American Idol. I’m really liking the line-up of judges this year and the range in style of the contestants is fantastic. I think I’m rooting for Caleb to win because he’s just such a good performer.

3. I wish they would find some trace of MH370. It has been keeping me awake at night thinking about what it must have been like for those poor passengers, especially those with kids. May God receive and rest their souls, and grant peace to their families.

4. I love autumn. The weather here is just starting to get a little cooler and I know it doesn’t compare to the extremes people feel all around the world but I still find our summer too hot and our winter too cold. This is most wonderful time of the year in my books. Update: it just rained! Bring on the cooler weather.

5. It’s FEIJOA season! And Harry has a workmate with a tree who’s willing to share. Adoomi has decided he is a fan and has had feijoas with his past five meals and counting.

6. Anybody.. aaaanyone at all with tips on how to get my almost-two-year-old to eat? I’ve been having major issues lately. If we’re somewhere new or anybody other than me is feeding him then he’s fine, but the problem is that I’m the one feeding him 80% of the time and it’s Just. Not. Working.

7. Random fact about me: In school I took Woodwork as a class for three years because it was easier than the Science and English options. Now I have a university degree in Science.. interesting how life works, isn’t it?

8. already doing extras, I know. Just wanted to say that I only recently discovered Jen at Conversion Diary and I’m hooked! 7 Quick Takes already :)