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I have the best little sister anybody could wish for. She lives three hours away from me in our hometown and has three beautiful children. She had some difficulties adjusting to motherhood initially but is now such a shining example of great parenthood and I find myself copying her often. She is patient, loving, fun, creative, encouraging, relaxed and mature. I always learn more about myself and my son when I go to visit her. Oh and we both love baking. This is what happened when I baked brownie earlier this week:


brownie twins

Oh snap.

She was making brownie! At the exact same time! Halfway down the country! I’m still (almost) speechless.


DISCLAIMER: I’m going to start posting some recipes on here too. Not because they’re anything amazing and all the internet should bow down, but because I love them and I’ve finally come to the realisation that I’m never ever going to get around to making the perfect recipe book for myself in real life, so an e-version it will have to be.