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1. During last Sunday’s homily our priest made a comment on faith which really struck me. He said, “What would you do if you all of a sudden had great faith like the saints? Go and do that. Then faith will come.” So simple! And yet to me it was unfathomable until I had heard the words. “Go and do the things you would do if you had faith. That’s how you grow faith.” – Fr Terry. God bless that man.

2. I decided that for 2014 I would give up junk food for the year. So far there have been ups (discovering that you can make cheesecake from cashews) and downs (M&M temptations). Read a post about it here.

3. aaand that brings me with a shuddering halt to my next take: Yesterday I went crazy in the kitchen and baked muffins. I understand that this is contrary to the ’14 plan but they have bran so that makes them healthy. Right? My taste buds disagree because they’re so mouth-wateringly tasty. If heaven had a smell then I’m sure that’s what was wafting around my house when I took them out of the oven.

4. Random fact about me for the week: I can read and write in both Japanese and Arabic. I learned Japanese in school and am learning Arabic now so I can help teach Adoomi as he grows up (Harry is from the Middle East).

5. Remember Patrice? Well this is how I have begun talking to my phone. Today in the midst of taking gorgeous* photos of Adam entertaining himself (!)(!) to send to Harry, my phone decided it didn’t like what I was doing and switched itself off. It was at 13%. Now you may think that the solution is simple: walk over to the couch, sit down, and plug old Siri in; but the indignation, the outrage, the white hot anger that burned during those four steps to the couch could have exploded mountains. I surprised myself. Time for an upgrade? Yes yes please Apple bring out the long awaited 6. [*Of course they weren’t exactly magazine quality, but that adjective was chosen by my rose tinted view of a world in which my son occasionally entertains himself. Long may it last.]

6. OH! On the topic of the 6!! [This is not what you think: more outrage ahead] It’s also time for a laptop upgrade. Something happened a few months ago – I don’t even remember what it was – but since then my 6 key and my delete key haven’t worked. No biggie, just …. Exactly. How do you get the number six if your key isn’t working? Well then how often do you really even need to type the numeral for six? Let me tell you: it is often. Much, much more often than you may think. And as to a substitute? For the first few weeks I kept a Word page open in which was a single 6, carefully copied from a Google search of ‘six’. Lately I’ve been taking to opening the calculator, clicking the 6 with my mouse, copying and then finally pasting into my current doc. Thankfully once it’s copied once I can continue to paste it, but I can’t even begin to tell you (more outrage) how many times I’ve copied something else without realising it and pasted that in where there is supposed to be a 6. Enter my non-functioning delete key. I’m well aware that my indignation at this situation is over the top, but it is what it is. Feel free to swap laptops with me.

7. We went shopping for a new laptop for Harry last week and, unfortunately, came home empty handed. BUT my brain was filled to bursting with images and dreams of one day in the hopefully-not-too-distant future being a proud MacBook Air owner. It’s so pretty. And sleek and clean and new and it has a functioning 6 key. And look: it even flies.


MacBook Air mid-air

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