– 15 April, 2014 – 22 months old – 45 words –

Note: This post is very much more for my records than anything else. Feel free to compare Adoomi’s progress with your child’s and I think you’ll be quite pleasantly surprised by your own son or daughter’s verbal prowess.A girl from Playcentre was already saying 60 words when she was 18 months but Adoomi has only really started talking in the past month so I’m proud of how much he’s saying already. We’re teaching him both English and Arabic and aren’t expecting him to be a speaking superstar anytime soon.

Actually I just looked up how many words a 22 month old should be saying and The Great and Mighty Google tells me about 20?? Maybe Adoomi isn’t as behind as I thought..

English / baby talk:

Ta – ta (please/thank you)
Moa – more
Teddy – teddy
Nana – banana
Ba – bye
Uh-oh – uh-oh
Poo – poo
Taa – towel
‘ot – hot
Poa – Paul
O dea – oh dear OR over there. Haven’t figured out what he’s saying with this one yet
O noo – oh no
Bata/bataba/batabatabata – teletubbies
Nana – milk. Supposed to be halib but he says nana because I say nunnies for milk/bed
Taa – guitar
Dede – digger
Ta – truck
Doh – dog
Ba – bus
Bu-dea – pushchair
Hippo – hippo(potamus)
O-ya – Oliver
At – hat
Ada – Adoomi
Po – porridge
Baa – bye
Minaa – balloon
Mama – mama
Baba – bubba (baby)

Baba – baba (daddy)
Bah – bah (no more / enough)
Maam – hamam (shower)
Ma – mai (water)
Na (no+la – English + Arabic mixed)
Dow – dow (light)
Ahmar – ahmar (red)
Ah-ta – Iftar (open)
Ah-ta – saker (close – He uses the same word for both atm)
Batta – batta (duck)
Amar – amar (moon)
Hada – Hady
Dede – Dina
Noo – Noor
Daide – Taite (grandma)
Nei – ithnein (two)

Lion roar
Horse neigh
Elephant trumpet
Tiger growl
Giraffe nibble noise
Pig snort
Dog woof
Cat meow
Bird ee ee
Chicken bok bok
Motorbike vroom
(High pitched) aaaah (flower for mum)

Latest favourite games:

– He’s just started imaginative play in the past couple of weeks: pretending to pick up pieces of food and feeding them to himself and to me; putting socks on our hands and play fighting with them trying to eat each other; feeding teddy, pretending to breastfeed teddy or toy animals himself; putting a nappy on teddy including setting down a change mat and then afterwards checking in the new nappy for poos.

– Going to the toilet A-Z (without the P): Setting up the toilet insert and stool, taking pants and nappy off, proudly sitting on the toilet and making a ‘ssss’ noise, tearing some toilet paper off and putting it in the toilet, flushing the toilet, washing his hands, drying hands. He isn’t bothered at all about putting a nappy or pants back on after the event, and he never actually does anything in the toilet but I’m taking it as a positive sign that he’s even mildly interested. When we did our fail potty training mission earlier in the year he screamed blue murder every time I put him on the insert so at least he’s not scarred for life by it!

– Practicing his words. Harry likes to play a repetition game: Baba (Baba) Mama (Mama) Taite (Taite) Jeddo (Jeddo) Amo (Amo) Amto (Amto)….. (Dad, Mum, Nana, Grandad, Uncle, Aunty…). He says the word and Adoomi repeats it as best he can. During the day while Harry is at work I’ll occasionally hear Adoomi playing away saying Amo Dedde Daide Hada O-ya Dede… He loves it.

Recently learned skills:

– Picking mandarins from the tree, peeling them and then devouring them.

– Opening screw-top lids. The next level of household child-proofing has been reached!