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1. Heather at Mama Knows, Honeychild. This fantastic post is the first I ever read and it remains my favourite. Heather is amazingly funny and her stick figure drawings inspire me to be a better artist (seriously). I went back to the beginning and read all her archives and loved them all. And then once upon a time she linked to..

2. This incredibly honest account of Leticia‘s life before and after she encountered Jesus. Again I went back and read the archives from the beginning and was super inspired by her journey of faith. Crazy Face is one I definitely wish would blog more often.

3. Thanks again to Mama Knows Honeychild for indirectly introducing me to Grace of Camp Patton. I found the Camp through a link Heather posted for the Sheenazing Awards – which they both totally deserve to win – and have loved it ever since. Her kids! Her outfits! Her way of writing! Her photography! Her openness to life! Her Simon Says posts! Once more I was compelled to find the beginning and start there and am glad I did. Grace is the only one who posts as frequently as I would like but I could still read more more more. I would love if she posted more about Simon being a catholic doctor. How does he handle the issue of Sterilisation? Contraceptives? Terminations? My midwife self is very intrigued.

4. Jen at Conversion Diary. All three of the above bloggers mention Jen regularly and eventually I just had to go check out her page. So good! Of course, 7 Quick Takes Friday, and her scorpion posts, but I love her more serious posts too and learning about how she managed to be wife, mother, blogger, writer, AND whatever else she manages to fit into that crazy schedule of hers. Favourite post I discovered recently: morning vs night people. Who knew?

5. Mama Needs Coffee. Again a blog I had read about regularly but never actually clicked over to until this week. These three blogs I discovered all on the same day and all were either directly or indirectly from Jen’s blog. The first post of Jenny’s I discovered was How to Ensure Your Kids Have an (un)Magical Childhood and then I read on to find out she’s winging her way to ROME this week for the CANNONISATION of JPII! An event I sort of knew was happening but didn’t realise was so soon. You can add prayer requests here.

6. Catholic All Year. I’m still very new this one but so far have loved The “You Can Still Do This” Guide to All Things Holy Week and Baby Steps to Living the Liturgical Year as a Family. It was in that post that I discovered a link to..

7. Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas. I’ve read through her book list posts and completely agree, just laughed and cried and had many an a-ha! moment while reading How My Kids Didn’t Ruin Mass, and am about to get started on her conversion story and many other gems.

I intended this to be for 7 Quick Takes Friday but just saw that Jen isn’t doing it in honour of Good Friday. Good on her. Well, I’ll post anyway because why not? So tell me, who are your favourite bloggers, and why?