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I often find myself feeling like I’ve achieved nothing in the course of a day and wonder where all the time goes. I want to start periodically chronicling ‘A Day in the Life’ so I can properly see where all that time actually did go, and I’m sure it’ll be good to look back on in a few months or years and marvel at how things have changed. I wish I had done this when Adoomi was a wee baby but no time like the present, right? Here’s how yesterday went..

7:10 Wake up. Feed Adoomi. This is the longest he’s slept in for a while. I relish the moment.

7:30 Harry leaves for work. Up out of bed and slowly into shower. We were out yesterday and nobody showered before bed so time to wash the grime away this morning.

7:45 Finished shower, Adoomi stays playing in the water while I sit outside on the floor and draft a blog post.

8:10 Shower finally finished, realise I only have 35 min to get ready for Mass (Wednesday prayer commitment for lent) so get moving. I always do this and never seem to learn.

8:45 Breakfast for Adoomi prepared and eaten, both of us dressed and teeth brushed, zoo pass remembered and mandarins picked from the tree, lunch packed. Sprint out of the house to the car and scoot to mass.

8:58 Right on time. Settle into our back pew.

9:35 Mass finished. Behaviour Grade: Adoomi hasn’t been this bad in ages so C-. Begin mad dash (within legal driving limits) to zoo.

10:05 Only 5 min late: find tour I’m supposed to be on.

10:10 Tour is boring. Call friend who I’m supposed to meet and go find her.

11:40 Adoomi is losing it. Time to head home.

11:50 Back at the car. Feed Adoomi so he will sleep on the way home..

12:05 Ready to go. Home, James!

12:30 Home. Adoomi just fell asleep so put him in the bed. Thankfully he stays asleep.

12:35 Ate a snack lunch at the zoo and I’m supposed to be fasting today so decide that’s enough. No need for a nap today and prayers for the day already said so it’s internet time! Feel great that I should have 90 min solid blogging time until kiddo wakes up.

12:50 Went on FB to find a link and ended up staying for a while. Told myself I’d get off at 12:45 but you know how these things go. Didn’t find the link but did discover that a good friend had graduated and found this awesome link too. Open blog drafts.

1:30 I have been nicely productive and finished one of the 3 posts I wanted to work on today. Hear a police car at the end of the street and know it’s not a good sign. Sure enough, Adoomi wakes up as it screams past our house. So much for finishing my Good Friday post.

1:45 Finish feeding Adoomi. Playtime!

2:00 Where does the time go? Time to feed him, especially since he hardly ate at the zoo.

2:01 Decide that actually my lunch wasn’t sufficient and I should heat up the leftovers that are calling my name.

2:45 This isn’t working. He’s been happily playing outside but hasn’t eaten and I know soon he’ll be too hungry to eat. I know this is ridiculously strange but it’s just the way it is. Wonder what he’ll be like when he stops breastfeeding and he doesn’t have that as a back up food source. Turn on Teletubbies.

3:00 Success! He ate! We only started screen time about a month ago and it makes me feel like a copout and a genius all at the same time.

3:05 Time for more milk. It’s about time this kid drank more water or SOMEthing. Although to be honest it’s probably because I’ve been absorbed in my phone for the past 30 min finishing the links in my previous post and tapping this out. I wonder what the rest of the day has in store?

3:15 I’m so bored! What will we do with the rest of the day?? Adoomi is grizzly and grumpy. I think he might be a bit sick – he keeps rubbing his ear.

4:30 Somehow we managed to get through the last hour. We played guitar, read books, Adoomi had a snack, and he practiced bike riding a bit. Now, finally, Harry’s home!

5:15 Teletubbies got more of a showing this past half hour which I’m not thrilled about. Anyway, time to start cooking dinner now. I’m going to attempt a beef stirfry. Sounds simple enough but I have a tendency to overcook food and my knowledge of flavours is extremely limited.

5:45 Dinner’s ready already! Stirfry rocks. It typically takes me 1 – 1.5 hours to cook dinner …

6:00 And oh my goodness it was delicious. I’ll be posting the recipe shortly for all to enjoy. Well, for those who are culinarily challenged like myself anyway. I can’t believe it worked out so well.

6:20 Harry and Adoomi have been playing a very boisterous game of tag around the house. So much for an easy bedtime with Adoomi at 6:30! It’s so nice to see them playing together though. Shower time now for a screaming Adoomi. He just wants to PLAY.

6:22 Adoomi is already out of the shower and happy again playing with Baba. He’s going to have to sleep soon though as he is overtired.

6:30 Time to feed the kid a little more so he’ll sleep. He has some packet veggies (my lifesavers) and then we do our routine of a kiss for Baba, brushing teeth then heading to the bedroom. He’s not a happy chappy at all.

7:10 Finally he’s asleep. Time for me to head out for pre-Easter confession.

7:20 At the church. Let the examination (of conscience) begin!

7:50 Home feeling great and ready for a relaxing evening.

8:30 Harry heads to bed and I settle down with the laptop to tap out some posts. Finally make some good progress after a ridiculously unproductive week.

10:30 Feeling good and now ready for bed. I achieved what I wanted and it’s slightly later than my planned bedtime of 10 but I much prefer sleeping easy with my to-do list complete. Goodnight world!