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We’re in windy Wellington today and the city is living up to it’s name for sure. A new city means a new church which means the challenge of setting new boundaries for Adoomi which often means disaster. After he spotted the Holy Water the priest used for the Asperges rite it was all over, and at one point he even got close enough that his fingers grazed the jug: the little rascal.

He was entirely redeemed, however, by two comments spoken by older women as we were leaving the hall*. The first, directed at Adoomi, was simply “We’ve all had one like you”, the solidarity in which revived my spirits no end, and the second was this mini conversation:

Woman: You did well.
Me: Oh he was such a disaster (trying to brush the comment away).
Woman: (with tears in her eyes) My daughters don’t come.
Me: —

It was such a profound moment as I realised yet again that so many people not only don’t care about the noise, they welcome it. To them it is the sound of the grandchildren they don’t see, the children they couldn’t have, or even their adult children who no longer come to Mass. What a blessing for me to be able to be a sign of hope for them! It seems Adoomi didn’t ruin Mass after all.

For a much better treatise on why Mass wasn’t ruined today, see this post from Carrots for Michaelmas.


Saint Mary of the Angels, Wellington, New Zealand

*The church – the most beautiful in the country – was damaged in the 2013 earthquake and is now no longer safe to be in. They’re trying to raise about $10,000,000 for it to be restored. That’s a lot of zeros.

Now to the good stuff..


Easter Outfit

The dress: Bought at the Takapuna market years ago as a joint venture between me and my sister the sister, so now mine all mine.
Cardi: House of G, stock standard.
Shoes: Rubi on a whim and well worth the (measley) expense.
White Jewellery: Bought from the Khaosan Road market in Bangkok many moons ago.

I’m actually sorry that my outfit is not more copy-able. I hate it when someone tells me they bought something overseas or at a market and yet here it is. So, apologies people.

Adoomi’s Mass grade: A+. It was much, much lower but the comments above raised it, lucky boy.

And now it’s time to go and eat Easter eggs!

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple (hopefully) for my first ever What I Wore Sunday.


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