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Ok folks, this is my first Answer Me This so it’s time to share some random information and have a little fun :)

1. What did you and your family wear to Mass on Easter Sunday?

I wore this:

20140420-100111.jpgwhich I wrote about here for What I Wore Sunday. The dress is my favourite favourite but I usually feel overdressed when I put it on so I almost always dress more casually instead. It was perfect for Easter Sunday. Except that it was windy when I was walking to Mass, and the hall was much hotter than I was expecting so the cardigan felt like an electric heater. Otherwise: 10/10.

Adoomi wore jeans and a blue checkered shirt and socks. No shoes because he likes stomping his feet to make noise and shoes + quiet church = disaster. Those are his best clothes and he wears them to Mass every single week. He doesn’t have any nice warm tops so I need to get a sweater or something sorted for him for winter.

2. Easter Bunny: thumbs up or thumbs down?

Thumbs… in the middle. We had the Easter  Bunny when I was little and I remember having very heated arguments defending Santa and my beloved bunny with other kids at school. I also vividly remember sitting at the kitchen table with my mum and big sister on Good Friday when I was ten and being told that they aren’t actually real. Everything clicked and I understood but was also devastated and that magic definitely was lost.

I think for Adoomi I won’t do the Easter Bunny or Santa or the Tooth Fairy, partly because there is so much work involved in maintaining the ruse, but mainly because I don’t want him to lose any faith in the world upon finding out. Fairy tales and magical things are wonderful, but I don’t really see the point in trying to convince him that they’re real. I think part of the wonder is that they are so magical and exist only in our imaginations.

3. Do you prefer to celebrate holidays at your own house or at someone else’s house?

Again, mixed. For holidays like Easter and Christmas I feel that the real celebration is at Mass, and I can join in that celebration anywhere, but for the family aspect I’m happy at home or away, so long as there is at least some family around. Christmas definitely still feels like it should be celebrated in my home town with my family though.

4. What is your favorite kind of candy?

Without a doubt or a second thought: Cadbury Chocolate. I got myself the Scorched Almond egg for Easter and it was deeeeeeeelicious! It was gone by lunch time and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Easter is the one completely guilt-free chocolate day in my world and it is totally acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. Mmm yum.


the best ever. Sweet but not too sweet, chocolatey but balanced with nuts, big but not too big, and the scorched almonds are inside the egg!

5. Do you like video games?

I’m quite ambivalent about them, so: not particularly. We didn’t have any as we were growing up (unless you count Lemmings and Pitfall) and I’ve never quite got the idea of why they’re so attractive to some people. I’m sure I’ll be educated soon enough as Adoomi grows up.

6. Do you speak another language? 

Yes but no. I studied Japanese from the ages of 11-18 in school and then took up a couple of French and Maori papers at University. While living in Uganda I learned a little Luganda but I remember very little of any of these languages now. French for some reason is the one I can usually pretend to get away with but after introductions have been made and people begin to ask real questions I have to admit that “Je parle Francais un petit, petit pur” and they smile and walk away.

I am now studying Arabic so I can help to teach Adoomi and progress is there but is slow. I don’t feel that I speak very well and I understand only a tiny amount when I hear Harry speaking to someone in Arabic, but then when I am around non-Arabic speaking people with Adoomi they often comment on how much I am saying. I have been focusing on learning words that pertain to every day life with a young child so I guess it is paying off. Slowly but surely I will conquer the mountain!

That was fun! It has been great reading people’s responses so far and I can’t wait to see what more people have written. Happy Easter everyone, He is Risen!