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Kendra at Catholic All Year has started a new link up of asking a few different questions each week. Here are my answers, and go to the link up to see what everybody else has written, then sign up and join in the fun!

1. Are you becoming your mother?

Emotionally: no. Physically: yes. Which is not such a bad thing. My parenting style is quite different to hers although that possibly has a lot to do with different life situations. When mum was my age she had 3.5 kids, was married and divorced, and had just begun studying part time towards her bachelor’s degree. She also had pretty major food allergies which gave her massive migraines two or three times a week but she’s a free spirit at heart just like I am and we’re on a pretty similar level spiritually.

2. Coffee or tea?

99% of the time: neither, although if I am having something to be polite then it’s tea. And if I’m being honest there have been a few times lately that I’ve actually made myself a cup of tea voluntarily. But it’s chai tea with lots of milk and sugar, and I would have had hot chocolate or milo instead but. So I’m not sure it counts. If you want a one word answer then that word is tea, and my younger self is rolling in her grave.

3. What foreign country would you like to visit?

There are a million answers to this question but Syria is way at the top of the list. Adoomi has some relatives living there who I would really love for both of us to meet but it’s just not safe and hasn’t been for his whole life, unfortunately. I’ve seen pictures and heard stories about how beautiful it used to be but so much of that is gone now and it’s such a shame (not to mention the greater loss of homes and livelihoods and lives). Oh how my soul yearns to be there.

syria 5

4. Do you cry easily?

Ooooh yeah. I cry like a sprinkler, like a tap, like a river, like a… crying thing. I cry at sad stories and romantic stories and inspiring stories. I cried really really hard reading this chapter of Mary’s story. I cry at the end of pretty much any fictional movie or book that I read. I cry when I’m arguing with somebody or being told off and I cry when I’m super proud of Adoomi. I’m slowly learning to accept it and funnily enough, I cry a little less now. Criers unite!

5. How often do you wear heels?

So far my heel-wearing has been confined to weddings, graduation, and the occasional soirée, though it shocks me to realise that. I quite like them and buy them with surprising regularity given that I rarely ever wear them. I’m taller than your average Jane so heels make me stick out that little bit more and my introverted self feels like a massive spotlight has been switched on but I’m slowly trying to convince myself that’s not the case in reality. I recently bought these and have grand plans to pair them with tunics and tights when the weather cools down. I’m well aware that this is a trend from yesteryear but just tell me it’ll look good.


6. Do you play an instrument?

Why yes I do. The guitar, to be specific. I actually learned how to play on NET and then back in my LifeTeen days I used to play at mass a bit. More on that here. I’m not a stellar strummer or anything but I can string a few cords together to accompany a song. We now have three guitars in the house and are all hoping to improve a little, and Adoomi loves picking his up and strumming it like a champion.

pictorial 3

Bonus fact: I’m a leftie.

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