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1. I grew up in a town called Tauranga and most of my family still lives there. This week Adoomi and I went home for a visit and it has been so nice. Wonderful family, good food, familiar sights, beautiful weather, and a relaxed lifestyle. The best kind of holiday. Here is a pic of The Mount for ya, just because I can:


Mount Maunganui

Yes it’s a terrible pic because I took it from the car window. I’m lazy.

2. Hmm, I’m already scrounging for ideas. My head hasn’t been in the blogging game at all this week! Actually I was inspired by a picture Grace (from Camp Patton) posted to Instagram last week. It was a screenshot of her phone showing how many pictures she has (lots) versus her husband Simon (few). So I have spent most of my evening time this week sorting through the thousands of photos I have and this is what my phone looks like now. Quite decent I think!


the very few photos left on my phone chronicling the past few years

3. We baked chocolate chip cookies this week. Recipe coming next week [here], but here’s a teaser trailer. So simple and yet so good.


the batch that were peanut brownies (emphasis on the were)

4. It’s home time for us tomorrow. Both Adoomi and I have really enjoyed our time here but it’s time to go back to real life again, and to see Harry again!

5. Have you seen Blythe’s Soul Pancake video yet? Of course you have. If you haven’t, then it’s here.

6. and Jen’s book? Something Other Than God has so much good praise coming from it that it’s ridiculous! Can’t wait for my copy to arrive. This is guaranteed to be a good read, right Jen?


7. Today we went to the beach and it was lovely. Adoomi is used to the Mission Bay beach which doesn’t have waves that go in and out but rather just lap the shore so it was a bit of a surprise to him when the waves came right up the beach. Here he is playing with them to round out these quickey takes here.


And that’s a wrap folks. Happy Friday and happy weekend. More posts coming next week, promise.

Now go see Jen at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes :)