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1. I got stung by a bee on Sunday. While I was doing the washing, of all things. As I was picking up the last few pegs to hang little baby clothes on the line for my sister I felt like I got an electric shock in my finger and flung the pegs (and bee, apparently) across the deck. How a bee managed to evade my previous 30-odd hand plunges into the peg basket I’ll never figure out, or maybe it had just landed there. Anyway, I couldn’t immediately see anything on my finger and haven’t been stung by a bee in about 15 years so finished off the washing, as you do, and then went inside to ask Alana about it. She suggested perhaps it was a black bee – some new species I’ve never heard of before. So apparently New Zealand’s dangerous wildlife now includes bees, mosquitoes and one tiny biting spider. Dangerous place, this.

2. A while ago I lived in Australia and during a back-and-forth with a friend one time when I was listing all the dangerous things that need to be watched out for in Australia, he straight up trumped me by saying he’d rather chance crocodiles, snakes, spiders, dengue-fever-carrying mosquitoes, sharks, deadly jellyfish, extreme heat, floods, and bushfires than have to live in fear of earthquakes. Fair call, that. Except: no. That list is way too long and way too scary for me. If earthquakes are the only dangerous thing in New Zealand (they are), then I choose NZ. But, BUT! Have you read Jen’s scorpion posts?? I think Texas just became the World’s Worst Place to Live in my opinion.

3. I was going to write this post way earlier but after reading Jen’s awesome takes (go here to see them and join the fun) I clicked over to The Veil of Chastity. I’ve read a few posts already and have a dozen more open in tabs waiting to be discovered. How did I not know about this the moment Cindy started writing?

4. Potty Training. Yes that’s right: I’m going there. Take Two of Adoomi’s ‘training’ started this week and, while it has had it’s own ups and downs, overall it is so much better than Take One. We have had both wees and poos in the potty, though our most successful day so far was the first one, and I have (only?) been full-frontal weed on twice. I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I’m doing much better about being relaxed about it this time but have so many questions all the time. Why is everybody afraid of talking about it? I’d love to hear what my favourite bloggers have done but everybody just seems to say, “Potty Training” with a kind of knowing e-nod, and then moves on. Potty Training what? I want to know what you mean, how you did it, what your successes were, what I’m not supposed to do, and any and all helpful advice. Perhaps I should Google it. But if anybody has any advice or blog posts to link to then I’m all ears. Or eyes I guess.

5. Cake! I made one this week and am posting the recipe for it tomorrow. It’s nice and basic chocolate cake and is d e l i c i o u s. I also flicked out one on Chocolate Chip Biscuits (or Peanut Brownies – take your pick) which you can see here if you’re interested.

6. It’s Adoomi’s birthday next week and he’s turning TWO! I can’t believe he could ever get any bigger than he already is, though I know it’s going to happen. One friend suggested that soon he’ll be “a big man who’s taller than you” whaaaaat! That’s just crazy talk talking. This is the cake I made for him last year. I don’t remember it being so lovely at the time! But perhaps my vision was clouded by the unexpected hours it took me to finish: who knew it would be so difficult to make red icing? I’ve done a side-by-side with the cake I was attempting to recreate and, though it’s most certainly not Masterchef standard, I’m pretty impressed if I do say so myself. (And I do.)

cake birthday one year old adam

7. aaaaand I’m planning to do something like one of these this year. Much more simple than last year’s epic decorating adventure but still delicious cake and still child-themed. Bring on the (difficulty level: easy) challenge!

cake dump truck combined

Pics from here, here and here.

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