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1. It’s Adoomi’s birthday today! He’s finally out of being an almost-two-year-old and is now officially in the Terrible Two’s. Lord help us. Seriously though he is such an amazing kid and I am struck by how blessed I am to be his mama every single day. Last night Harry was late home from work so Adoomi and I had some time to kill in the evening when he would usually be playing with daddy. We played tackling games on the bed and both loved it. It was so wonderful to be able to bond with him in a bit of a different way. Gush over. Check out this pic…


2. Which leads me into my next take.. I just discovered the A Beautiful Mess app and have been having so much fun playing around with it this week. As well as putting text on photos (which I’ve been wondering how to do for aaages: I’m so technologically behind) I’ve been playing with some quote stuff. Here are a few I’m pretty keen on. The birth quote is one that I felt very encouraged by when I was pregnant and if I ever have a clinic I’ll definitely be putting it on my wall.

aa 2

3. SPOILER ALERT – Did you watch American Idol last night? Yay for Caleb! We’ve been rooting for him since the very beginning and are so super excited that he won. He totally deserved it. Did you see some of his crazy performances? So good. Jena is awesome too but, Caleb!


4. Our mandarin tree is OverFlowing. We picked all these mandarins:

aa 3

and then I took this picture of the tree

aa 4

You wouldn’t even be able to tell that any had been picked! It is ridiculous. So I’ve been experimenting and made a Mandarin Cake for Adoomi’s birthday. You can check out pics and the recipe here.

5. It has been a while and I’m sure you’re probably sick of random facts about me (enough already!) but I just can’t help it so here’s another: when I was in high school I spent about 500 hours playing cards. That’s almost 17 weeks worth of school hours. Crazy!!

6. Adoomi started kindy this week. It was a trial where we only went for a couple of hours but on the first day he was so happy playing that on the second day I left after five minutes and then sat in the staff room until it was time for us to go home. He didn’t miss me at all! Which I guess is a very good thing. In fact, I had to carry him out because he just wanted to keeeeeep playing. Next week we’re starting for real where I actually leave him there. By himself. And I’m so excited (and just a teeny bit sad). He’ll be great, it’ll be great, and I’ll be great. I’m sure of it. Yay for kindy!

7. So this post was actually posted on Sunday in the end. Our laptop broke broke from the inside software stuff and this is all way beyond me so I won’t try to explain it. Anyway, Harry spent all of last night fixing it and somehow he made it work! Yay for computers. I did have a few hours of thinking my dream was going to be fulfilled though.

That’s enough from me folks, Go see Jen at Conversion Diary for more.