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1. Beach or Mountains? Where would you rather be?

I grew up in a coastal town and love to go to the beach and just watch the waves come in, or swim if it’s nice. One of the first times I left New Zealand was to go to Australia and at one point we drove 4 hours into the desert. I felt parched from the inside – kind of like a weird claustrophobia – and it wasn’t until we drove out that I felt normal again. I’ve been in plenty of other places since then that are much further from the ocean and been fine but that memory sticks with me. New Zealand is a pretty small country and you’re never more than a 90 minute drive from the beach so that’s a pretty big part of the culture for most of us. We’re very lucky to live two blocks from the beach now and it’s such a blessing to be able to go there anytime.

2010-04 (4)

..the only semi-decent pic I could find of my home town. This was taken a few years ago and is of my younger sister, my nephew and I makin’ channels for the waves


Taken from near our current home

2. Which is more fun: Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning?

I’m definitely a last minute organiser so I usually spend Christmas Eve shopping, baking, or at the very least wrapping presents. I love all these things and the anticipation of Christmas means that the whole time is filled with a kind of just-constrained joy that is threatening to bubble out but it isn’t until Christmas morning that I really embrace it. Christmas morning would have to win this one because of the peace and joy that it always brings. And: food, family, faith. Need I say more?


our latest Christmas addition

3. What’s the most embarrassing childhood outfit you remember wearing?

Apart from what’s captured in photos I remember a grand total of zero of my childhood outfits. Probably the most embarrassing outfit I remember wearing from my teenage years was a ball dress that I decided it would be a good idea to sew. It was very badly designed and executed and I still cringe (in a not good way) when I look back at those photos which thankfully aren’t digital. Maybe in a couple more years!

4. Your house is quiet, you don’t have to do work (housework included). What do you do?

Write for the blog! That’s the latest game anyway because it doesn’t feel like work. Otherwise probably read – whether it be blogs, news, random articles or books, there are always plenty of things on my reading list. Although I spend a lot of this kind of time on BuzzFeed. Who doesn’t what to know more about random things? Confession: I just spent ten minutes there trying to find a cool link but couldn’t choose between All The Things so will just direct you here.

5. What movie do you want to watch when you’re feeling under the weather?

Funny easy comedies like Happy Gilmore, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Hot Fuzz. This makes me want to go and watch all of those again.

movie posters

6. Did you have an American Girl doll when you were little? If so, which one?

Sorry dudes, never heard of them. But I did have and love (and still have in a box waiting for Adoomi) a Care Bear, along with my fair share of shared-between-sisters Barbies.

Now off to Catholic All Year to join in the fun!